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Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin

A-PRF Technique


A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a revolutionary new method that creates a special membrane from the patient’s blood through a special centrifugation technique. The membrane thus obtained is rich in thrombocytes, linking proteins and growth factors which, once inserted in the desired area, enhance and stabilize the healing process.

The A-PRF technique was developed in France by dr. Choukron (2001) and has been constantly improved ever since. It now allows us to obtain a wonder-product used on a large scale in dentistry, especially in implantology and oral surgery. 

The major advantage that the A-PRF technique has over other healing factor concentration techniques is that it uses products that belong to the body, with no other substance being added in the sample taken from the patient. 

PRF membranes do not contain any chemical products, so they run no risk of causing allergies or of being rejected.

Obtaining the membrane

taking blood during A-PRF technique
Blood is taken from the patient in special vials. The number of vials depends on the type of intervention and situation. 
The fresh blood sample is centrifuged in a special program, only once.
By the end of the process the vials will contain 3 different fractions: lower portion, containing red cells, intermediary portion and upper portion, containing a clog of fibrin rich in thrombocytes and growth factors.

Only the upper portion is used.
Growth factors in the obtained membranes are slowly released over a period of 7 days. Their action leads to rapid healing from the very first days after surgery. By stimulating the formation of new blood vessels, A-PRF brings a great contribution in maintaining the results obtained through surgery.

IMPORTANT! The use of A-PRF membranes halves the healing time, a fact proven both clinically and histologically in most dentistry journals.

When to use the A-PRF technique


The use of the A-PRF membrane in oral and periodontal surgery is very widespread. It brings major advantages in dental implant surgeries, sinus lifts, dental extractions and in treating periodontitis. It also contributes significantly to post-treatment healing.
In our clinic, we use the A-PRF technique in the following surgeries:

The A-PRF technique contributes to the fast integration of dental implants, to the reduction of any swelling or pain caused by this type of surgery and to a faster healing.
The A-PRF membranes significantly improve the chances of the graft being accepted by the bone. And at the same time they speed up the healing process and reduce the time until the implants are placed.
When the bone quantity in the upper lateral area is insufficient to place dental implants in it, a surgery is made where the maxillary sinus membrane is lifted and bone is added in the space created.
The density and resistance of the A-PRF membranes make them ideal for protecting the sinus membrane in this type of surgery. They also help mineralize and integrate the bone graft.
In some cases, membranes can stimulate the growth of new bone tissue, so there is no more need to insert a bone graft. This drastically reduces the cost and the complexity of the surgery.
Due to their capacity to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, thus enhancing nutrition in the gum tissue, A-PRF membranes positively influence the integration of gum grafts and the guided bone regeneration process, as well as contribute to the fast and natural healing of the gum.
After a dental extraction, a hole is left in the jaw bone – the dental alveolus which, in time, will be naturally filled by the organism with bone tissue. Unfortunately, the deposited bone quantity is insufficient for the entire alveolus to be filled.
A-PRF membranes placed in the alveolus immediately after the extraction seal and protect it against agents in the oral environment. It also speeds up the healing process and stimulates the subsequent bone accumulation. 

Usually, A-PRF membranes can be used in all types of oral surgeries.

What is I-PRF?


I-PRF is the fluid version of A-PRF. It is rich in thrombocytes and enriched with leucocytes that contain multiple growth factors and numerous other cells. Like A-PRF, I-PRF is obtained by centrifuging the blood at different parameters. 
Use of I-PRF has given exceptional results, especially in stopping gum bleeding, reducing tooth mobility, eliminating halitosis, reducing the risk of peri-implantitis, preventing parodontopathy and eliminating pain.
In complex surgeries, I-PRF is used mixed with a bone reconstruction material in order to enhance the aggregation of nutritional bone graft cells on the surface of the collagen membranes and of the dental implants, as well to form new blood vessels that will irrigate and support the guided bone regeneration.

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