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All about Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser


The dental laser is a high technology used more and more in dental surgery. It offers numerous advantages and benefits for both the patient and dentist working with it, also providing a high precision. 
The use of dental lasers in dental medicine is practically a new, ultra-modern stage of technological evolution in this field.

In Omnia Dental Clinic we use one of the most efficient dental lasers on the current market – EPIC Biolase. Epic Biolase is a diode laser, a real spearhead of present technology, of extremely high performance in dental surgery. Our laser is a recent innovation of BIOLASE Company, a worldwide leader in laser dental surgery for over 25 years!

The advantages of using dental laser


    • High procedure accuracy, minimally invasive interventions
    • The needed anesthesia is minimum or, in certain cases, it is not administered at all
    • The injuries heal faster than in case of classic, invasive surgery
    • The risk of infection is minimum as the laser sterilizes the place where it acts during the intervention
    • The bleeding is low or none, as the laser helps blood coagulation

Doctor using dental laser to treat a patient

How does the dental laser work?


It is scientifically proven that laser use reduces pain during dental treatments and interventions. Thanks to this technology, bleeding is minimum and tissues are not excessively affected. Dental laser energy is absorbed by the inflamed tissues.
In fact, dental laser does not deeply penetrate the affected tissue. The laser interventions are minimally invasive. During these interventions, the quantity of eliminated tissue is smaller than in case of conventional surgery.
Thanks to the laser light, the superficial cells are vaporized, leaving behind a non-painful carbonized tissue residue. The remaining carbonized tissue acts as a biological bandage, helping in the cure process in order to make it even faster. 

IMPORTANT! Laser use does not imply injection anesthesia. Thus, when we refer to children or pregnant women, thanks to laser we can perform any intervention that is not normaly indicated to these categories of patients. 

Procedures that can be performed with the dental laser


The procedures done by using the dental laser are minimally invasive. They eliminate a small quantity of tissue, with minimum bleeding and minimum discomfort for the patients, both during and after the intervention. 

The EPIC laser used in our clinic provides a real help in treating gum diseases. With it we can “clean” the sick gum tissue and we can eliminate dental plaque and calculus. When the gum tissue detaches itself from the teeth creating periodontal pockets, this favors the dental plaque and calculus accumulation that lead to the evolution of the disease (pocket increase). By eliminating calculus and bacteria, laser proves to be a real help in stimulating gum reattachment and healing.
We can also use dental lasers in cases of tooth sensitivity in case of teeth with cracks and/or roots exposed because of gum recession. Laser therapy helps reduce and even eliminate this painful sensation.
Dental laser can be successfully used to eliminate the dental pulp inside the pulp chamber and root canals. The great benefit laser offers in the root canal treatment is the fact that the laser light penetrates the walls of teeth roots more deeply than in case of any other treatment method. Thus, we manage to obtain a more rigorous sterilization of the root canals, increasing the chances for a successful treatment.
We can apply the dental laser in case we want to manipulate soft tissues without provoking bleeding or when we want to stop a bleeding caused by a surgical intervention. Due to its sterilization and cauterization effect, the dental laser also “closes” bleeding blood vessels and stops bleeding.
A safe teeth whitening method, with immediate results, is using the dental laser. Safety comes first and we guarantee safety for all our patients who choose to whiten their teeth by dental laser procedure. Dental laser is currently the only alternative of whitening gel activation with no side effects for the tooth. The laser light is completely absorbed by the gel and it does not penetrate the hard dental tissue. There is no direct heating of the tooth enamel, like in case of other whitening procedures available on the market. Thus, there is no risk of accidental tooth lesion.
By using the dental laser, we can sterilize the adjacent tissues and bone canal where the tooth implant is to be placed. Thus, we manage to increase the implant integration efficiency in the maxillary bone – an essential factor for the implant endurance and, implicitly, for the future prosthetic works. Moreover, with the help of lasers, we can treat inflammation caused around the implant area (peri-implantitis) and we can sterilize the affected tissues. Thus, we can stop the bone destruction process that can occur following the action of the tooth plaque bacteria, which may lead to implants failure in time.
The dental laser treatment proved to be a successful method in eliminating soft tissues in procedures like gingivectomy and gingivoplasty, mainly performed for aesthetic reasons. The soft tissues lasers are excellent in eliminating frenum (frenectomy) – a soft tissue fold restricting mobility. They can also be used to isolate aphthous ulcers that can be big, painful and frequently recurrent. All this with less pain and bleeding.

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    Please fill out the form below to receive a quote for the treatments you requested. A member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss and confirm your request.

      Add a photo of your teeth or a recent dental x-rays